conception, adaptation, world design, web works: (Israel)


Part 4 of the landscapes project 2003

Conception & Artistic Direction: Ibrahim Quraishi (US)

Production of Compagnie Faim de Siecle



Research / Community Benefits:


The ME DEA EX  universe will reside online before and after the show. With all the textual and visual materials of the show, plus comprehensive collection of links to other sources and previous productions, it means that we’re setting up a Medea Center for educational and entertainment purposes, plus a place for interest of theatre researchers. These are the issues we excpect to serve for research and community benefits:

-         Provide environment for remote education space, for pupils studying mythology (learning by gaming).

-         Deal with the medium and the new language we are creating here (maybe as Euripides did when dealing with the meta language of theatre). Research of hypertextual theatre, interactive media, etc…

-         Deal with 3D effects screened around the spectators, new experience, unpredictable sensations.

-         Provide environment for documenting alternative texts, collected from the audience, added to the memory database of the mythological characters. These texts can be input to the “intelligence” of our bots.

-         Provide environment for research, collecting log files on how online users behave and interact in such virtual spaces (for example, choosing chorus line can be from mild to aggressive, from modern style or euripides style. This can show a lot on how users identify with elements from the play). Note: all the information gathered from users will be anonymous and will save statistics only.

-         Provide environment for “Directors Workspace”, for deco, rehearsals, teaching, etc…

-         Among other options, visitors can run a “batch” script, to see (more or less) the full sequence of the play, communicate among themselves and discuss theatre and Medea issues.



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